PTV Sports Biss Key Today Paksat PSL 2019 [100% working key]

PTV Sports Biss Key

Hey there I will tell you about PTV Sports Biss Key & PTV Sports new Biss key today. You all know PTv Sports only cable network. In the last of the match live streaming  the PTV Sports Update they Shutdown his Service on Free Dish Network. But don’t worry, we are here to help you to run PTV Sports Channel on your Dish TV. We give you PTV Sports Biss Key Today Paksat 2019 and also tell you how you install PTV Sports Biss key Software in your Dish Network.

PTV Sports

It is the most favorite Sports Channel in Pakistan as we all know that PTV Sports has an encryption method called Biss and they keep changing their Biss key which irritates their viewers. For you I have easily written the Biss key below here.

PTV Sports is a worldwide Pakistani Digital TV and Satellite games, TV Station by Pakistan Television Corporation. PTV Sports was propelled on 14 January 2012. Its test transmission started in December 2011 on Asia Sat. it is a state- possessed Channel. PTV Sports has broadcast numerous  Games occasion since it is propelled. It holds  selective telecom right  for some, brandishing occasions including cricket, tennis, hockey and football.

If you are using a dish for getting the channel from your TV set. Then you require this information about the repeat and Ptv Sports New Biss key Paksat 2018. Today, in light of the fact that Biss key is the most basic key to start and advantage the organizations of the channel. This is the reason that we are accommodating you to help you in subscribing the channel. If you want online Ptv Sports Live Tv Streaming to go to this link and watch Live Ptv Sports.

PTV Sports Biss Key

PSL 4 Satellite TV working Biss key 2019. Other Private TV Station like Ten Sports and Geo Super are additionally communicating PSL-4 just on digital TV arrange. Pakistan, However, the inclusion region isn’t so immense on the off chance that we contrast with PTV Sports. The fanatics of cricket and PSL 4 are watching this vivacious occasion on the link, Satellite, and earthbound systems in Pakistan. Paksat 2019 today is another station as of late pushed by PTV. This is the new channel for news about diversions like Cricket Football in Pakistan. It is the most observed and the speediest expanded telecom organization of Pakistan.

PTV is the most extended frameworks in Pakistan and is working under the supervision itself. This is the greatest relationship with Pakistan that started working on a benefit and white light bar. The affiliation is driving another channel for sports news, and every one of the information to incite the channel for the Biss key is available here. Every one of the information that you need to activate the channel on your TV set is open here for you. This information fuses the SID and the BISS key that you ought to impel the channel for your TV set. PSL 4 Satellite TV Working PTV Sports Biss Key Today. You can not watch PSL-4 coordinates free on Dish Antenna. For watching these Matches through Satellite you should buy the satellite recipient  with decoder card and associate with Dish antenna. Some satellite beneficiaries are additionally kinds of recipients are appearing as follows:

PTV Sports New Biss Key Paksat Frequency Code 2019

PTV Sports and other channels of PTV network have been moved to new Satellite PakSat 38 degree East. You can use the following details to watch PTV on PakSat 38 degrees of the East. If you can’t set the directions of your dish toward PakSat, below image will help you. Use the Frequency details provided below and direct your dish towards PakSat to receive PTV Sports Signals.

PTV Sports Conax Key (Frequency Details)


Paksat 38 degrees East

Channel Name:



440044 V 155555

New Frequency:



V (Vertical)

Symbol Rate:





DVB-S       MPEG-2





PTV Sports Biss Key:

5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

PTV Sports Conax Key:

EF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65 AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA


113020 H 2000  SID:0001 HD Dish Size 4 Feet

Dcw Feed:




[email protected] degree E


4055 V 7000 MPEG.2 Biss SID.0001


07 830 3030 F3 22 91 10 C3


4055 Symbol Rate 7000


51 32 30 CC 9A DD EC 330

Channel Name:

PTV Sports Feed

TV Feed Home:

ANT On Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E


Feb 22,2019

PTV Sports Biss Key Today:

F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB

Biss Key China Receiver:

F7 E9 A7 AA 19 57 CD AA

Biss Key other Receiver:

F7 E9 A7 CC 19 57 CD CCK

All other Conax keys that help you to Run PTV Sports.

EF 30 78 30C BD A0 34 305

AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA

PTV Sports PTV K LAT Feed


During the match

PakSat-1R @38E KU Band


123074 V 1448





Biss key:

A1 23 B4 78 530 C7 89 A30

Do you know?

You can also use the PTV Sports Biss Key Software to Run PTV Sports on your Dish Network. Techno Records  Built a software for you to run PTV sports on dish.

How To download & install PTV Sports Biss key Software?

  • Click on the below Dowload Software.
  • Then open Software by using the Password (Techo Records).
  • Then transfer to your USB Or Memory Card.
  • After that, connect the USB to your DISH TV PORT
  • Install into your Dish
  • Enjoy the Match




File Size:

2 MB



Last Update:

12 December 2018

Offer By:

Techno Records

Still PTV Sports Not Work?

If still PTV Sports not working  on your Dish Tv, then don’t worry, we still have another solution for this. You can watch PTV Sports Live Streaming on your computer, laptop, and also on your Smartphone. But, how? Techno records recently launched its new website, we called it TRCricket, on TRCricket you can Enjoy Full HD Live Streaming of PSL 2019 without any Buffering.

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