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PSL 2017 Points Table

Catch PSL 2017 Points Table and Teams Standing. Pakistan Super League 2017 updated points table and team ranking. PSL 2017 updated points table along with net run-rate. PSL 2017 Team Standing and Rankings. According to the officially formatted rule, top four teams will take part in playoffs stage.


All eyes of cricket turned towards the 2nd season of PSL 2017, as this thrilling cricket league is started from 9th February 2017 and continues till 7th March 2017. Total 24 matches are scheduled in this event among 5 competing cricket franchises. The participating clubs of PSL 2017 includes Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators. Each team will play 8 group stage match and 2 points are awarded on the victory of each match.

Pakistan Super League 2017 Points Table Updated on 2017 

PSL Points Table 2017

Team M W L N/R Pts RR
Quetta Gladiators 9 5 3 1 11 +0.328
  Karachi Kings 9 5 4 0 10 +0.166
Peshawar Zalmi 9 4 4 1 9 -0.064
Islamabad United 9 4 4 0 8 -0.173
  Lahore Qalandars 8 3 5 0 6 -0.223

Quetta Gladiators is placed on top position in current group rankings of PSL 2017, as the counter side have played only 1 match against Lahore Qalandars and gained victory. Quetta has decorated 2 points on score board and their net run-rate is +0.400. Peshawar Zalmi are positioned on 2nd place in group standing as Peshawar have played total 2 group round matches and managed to won one of them while defeated in 2nd match. Zalmi holds 2 points and their current run-rate is +0.194.

List of Teams in PSL 2017 (Top to Bottom)

  • Quetta Gladiators
  • Islamabad United
  • Karachi Kings
  • Peshawar Zalmi
  • Lahore Qalandars

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The 3rd position of PSL 2017 is grabbed by Lahore Qalandars, as they have also played two group stage matches and won one of them and lost 1 match. The current run-rate of Lahore Qalandars is +0.163 and they have also gained two points in PSL 2017. The defending champions of PSL Islamabad United did not able to perform well in current season of this cricket tournament, as they are placed on 4th position with 2 points as United have won their 1 match out of 2 matches and their net run-rate is -0.297.

Karachi Kings are present on the last place in group standings, as Karachi have only played 1 match and lost that match. Karachi has still not gained any point of PSL and their current run-rate is -0.532, which is not good at all for Kings. As per the rules of PSL 2017, top four teams in group standings will qualify for the playoff of PSL 2017 and the last team of this event will be eliminated from the group stage rounds. Teams will equal points will made their access in playoff their net run-rate.


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  1. Syed Anas ali gillani

    Psl world famous cricket

    1. oh yes – no doubt about it

  2. Peshawar will win

    1. Inshallah

    2. peshawar $ucks D!ck. @s$H0le

      1. your mother $ucks d!ck BC

    3. I think Quetta is the best and hot favourite. I support Quetta

  3. No quetta is best

    1. because half of Karachi is playing in it

  4. Psl me Abdul Razaq ko b shamil kia jae.

    1. Bhai Jan WO to quatagaladiater ka bowling coach ban gya ha.

    2. please abdul razzaq ko shamil karian

      1. Bhai humary hath main nahi hai .

    3. Phir what about musaddir nazar . jawed miandad . Zaheer Abbas etc..

    4. Bilkul sahi kaha abdul razzaq ko hhi shamil larna chahye

    5. Bus bhai oska time khatum nay logo Ko chance biya jay

  5. Peshawar zalmi is very dangerous team.

      1. But now the circumstances/haalaat become very critical if karachi will loss there match against united so there’s will be a chance for Lahore and INSHALLAH karachi will loss

        1. On your face dickhead

  6. Lahore Qalandars zinda bad

  7. Zalmi win the 2nd psl InshAllah..

    1. InshALLAH

  8. quetta inshaallah wil win the second edition of psl

    1. Karachi win insha allha

  9. Insh’Allah peshawr wil win

    1. INSHALLAH peshawar zalmi will win Psl 2

    2. Karachi jety ga

      1. sorry sorry it cannnot win

  10. Peshawar Zalmi will win

  11. every news

  12. Quetta will win

    1. Inshallah quetta long live


  14. Lahore qallandar will win in sha Allah final.

  15. Pls final will win in sha Allah Lahore qallandar

  16. Karachi king today wine

  17. Inshallah Karachi kings wine

    1. No karachiOnly Quetta and Peshawar as well my favourite Islamabad @Qamar mehar

    2. Muhammad Ahmad Hanif

      Karachi has placed on a winning pavement. So, I supported to “Karachi kings(Dilon k BadsHaH)

    3. Insha Allah Labors qalandars will win that Edition of PSL

  18. I love Quetaa

  19. Both teams are my favourite but i love Lahore Qalandars

  20. No one will win except quetta gladiators inshallah

    1. Bhai don’t sleep Lahore Qalandar will win the PSL 2

  21. Inshallah Quetta,Peshawar or Islamad will win.I can tell u Quetta and Peshawar bcoz Islamabad have won last time…

    1. First learn ahahaha

  22. Karachi kings will win the final challenge!

    1. Hahaha
      Ap ki Mazak Karny
      Ki Adat
      He Kya

      1. Kaif such bol rahay Han APko such suny ki aadat nahi insha Allah Karachi will win final

  23. Insha allah peshawar zalmi will win 2nd psl

    1. he he peshawar zalmi has lost with karachi … yahooo karachi is the best

    2. Insha Allah peshawer will win fainal.

  24. Lahore is best and Winer of psl 2017 best wishes with Lahore .must must

  25. Qalandars are best than all teams

  26. Yar yeah theakh kro qalandar na 4 match khealy total 2 win key or 3 loss how it’s possible?

  27. Psl vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice. Like it

  28. peshawar has lost with karachi today….. karachi jeetay ga karachi is the best

  29. Best of luck Quetta please keep it up. INSHA ALLAH u will win 2nd PSL TROPHY

  30. peshawar is best team at psl
    inshaAllah peshawar will win

  31. Bhai lahore ka total game played 5 kro 4 q kra howa ha 3 lose ha or 2 win ha tou 5 played na 4 q???????

  32. Insha Allah Peshawar zalmi final jeety ga Peshawar is the best

  33. I pray for win peshawar team PSL final Inshallah….

  34. Karachi kings dilo k badsha karachi jety ga inshAllah khan G

  35. Muhammad Ubaidullah Anjum

    All the teams are best.but my favorite team is Peshawar zalmi.

  36. PSL final impasbl in lahore

    1. Muhammad Riaz Mandokhail

      Ye tum jesay logon ki soach ha…….

  37. Quetta is win these tornamant

  38. aj sub bol ra ho islambad jeta ga jeta pesa ha laga do agar nhai to as num py phone kar na 03163156900

    1. Who will win the final

  39. Syed Hafiz Sagheer Hashmi

    Lahore Qalandars is The Best And Won By Final Inshallah Sadka Piyary Aaqa ka

  40. Lahore and karach are the best …
    And i hope that they will win the final .

  41. InshaAllah Lahore wiil win 2nd psl

  42. lahoor qalandar zindah bad

  43. Lahor Dama sum mast

  44. team jo b jeete lakin jeet pakistan ki hugi

    1. Lahore jety ga inshallha

  45. insha allah karachi will win

  46. Dama dum must Qalandar

  47. Dear All,

    We all are Pakistani and these all are our teams who are playing really great in the PSL 2017.

    These are good team. We all are praying for all of them and WINNER TEAM who played well.


    Whoever win means PAKISTAN will win.

    Love to all and praying for PAKISTAN.


  48. Peshawer will win 2nd psl fainal.

  49. No …..karachi will win inshallah

  50. And i dua for karachi

  51. Peshawar zalmi will win psl 2:

  52. Lahore will win the PSL 2

  53. InshAllah lahore qalandars will win

  54. peshawer zalmi zinda bad khapal team pakistan zinda bad

  55. peshawer zalmi zinda bad khapal team pakistan zinda bad……………..khapal team

  56. 100 {5262df5508d8fdb94c2d34a36a2d8000fb2d4d3c2502dfc484fc968c29fb4a5f} Quetta Gladiators will win this PSL.

  57. Bhaio or behno karachi jeeet jaegi IA is bar n zalmi out hjaegi dekh lena is bar

  58. karachi will win boooom

    1. peshawer

      jeetan ga inshallah yealo colour ke waja sy apki dowo ki waja sy

  59. Karachi Kings win Gayle I love you so much

    1. Wo abhi soe huwe he bachu


  61. Qalandar Lahore Qalander sb ko pashaar dy ge ye Lahore Qalander


  63. Muhammad Riaz Mandokhail

    Kehtay hain k jo garajtay hain wo barastay nai aur jo garajatay nai wo barastay quetta gladiators

  64. JeEty GA too karachii hi KArachi will win
    We wiLl xeEe…

  65. Quita and lahore

  66. islamabad win


  68. Win Lahore Qalandars PSL 2

  69. Win tHis PSL 2 Lahore Qalandars

  70. Win This PSL 2Lahore Qalandars

  71. East Or West King 11 is the Best..!

  72. Quetta will win of PSL 2017 due to the good progress

  73. Islamabad Zindabad
    United we won

  74. Insha Allah Lahore Qalandar jeta GA

  75. Zalmi vs Lahore final held at Lahore inshaallah

  76. Lahore insha Allah with

    1. Zalmi vs Karachi final in Lahore IN SHA ALLAH

  77. Inshallha zalmi fainal jitay ga

  78. Insallah karachi jeeta ga

  79. I hope Islamabad and Quetta will play final match in Lahore cricket ground. all Pakistan guy will enjoy

  80. Inshallha lahore fainal jitay ga inshallha

  81. Queta is hot favorite for PSL 2017 and also getting proof for that…. moreover will win the trophy.. u all will see, Inshallah

  82. Queta is hot favorite for PSL 2017 and also getting proof for that…. moreover will win the trophy.. u all will see, Inshallah

  83. Peshwar zalmi inshallah jeety gi inshallah

  84. InshAllah Peshawar zulmi

  85. Lahore qalanders is wining to 2nd PSL trophy
    Umpire ka maiyar buhat he ghalat hai

  86. I hope Quetta will be face to Peshawar or Islamabad in final. Best of luck Quetta.

  87. Islamabad united jeetay ga

  88. Karachi jeete ga

  89. Karachi jeetega


  91. pesshawar will win Inshallah

  92. Zalmi won 2017 psl ..

  93. Karachi keep it up

  94. Zalmi winar inshallha pls 2017

  95. Peshawar zalmi will win. Inshallah

  96. I think Pashawar win the final

  97. Sb new candidates shaamil kiye jaae taa k new talent saamnay aae … Psl isilye hai k new talent milay as babr azam wonderful palyer

  98. i think Pashawar Zalmi win the final

  99. Peshawar k ilawa koi ni bs
    Peshawar hi win kry ga muj sy puch lo
    Q k pehly hi fixing ho chuki hy

  100. PSL I pray For Your More Succeede

  101. PSL I pray For Your More Succeede
    Koi bhi jeety Jeety ga Pakistan hi

  102. More events are decorate and give chance of scool and clog boys plz.

  103. Islamabad is win

  104. Lahore qalanders win 2nd psl

    1. Lahore k to chances hi ni hain semi final tk b ponchny k

  105. In sha Allah

  106. Pesshawar win inshallha psl 2017

  107. Who will win the final

  108. I like all teams of pakistan.
    But support only Peshawar.
    Insallah peshawar jety ga…..

    1. Peshawar loose team

  109. Mujhe ki fiker nahi ke kon jeete ga. Cricket Pakistan me to waapis aaye gee n.a..

  110. bhai imran nazir ko psl q ni khilaty?

  111. peshawer zalmi will win

  112. QuSarfaraz win this trophy 2nd edition psl quittainShAllah

  113. JO bhi jeetay humain khushi hona chaiyey bus goroor ka sir nechay hona chahiyey



  115. انشاء اللہ پشاور زلمی بہ فائنل تہ اوزی او گٹی بہ ۔

  116. Akhunzada Muhammad Ali

    Love Akhpal Team Zalmi Will Rock…. insha Allah

  117. Quetta inshallah win to fainal.

  118. INSHALLAH peshawar zalmi will win Psl 2

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