Khaya Zondo 49 off 42 Batting Highlights vs Cape Town Blitz – Nov 18, 2018

Watch Khaya Zondo 49 off 42 Batting Highlights vs Cape Town Blitz played at Kingsmead on Nov 18, 2018. Watch today match batting video highlights of Mzansi Super League 2018 between Durban Heat vs Cape Town Blitz, 3rd T20 match. Cape town won the toss and chose to bowl against the Heat. It was the solid batting start from the Morne Van Wyk and Hashim Amla in the first session of the match, where the Wyk played the aggressive innings of 26 runs for the team and smashed couple of sixes against the Cape Town.

Last Over Highlights Stats


Siboto to Zondo, 1 run, free-hit doesn’t prove too costly as Siboto nails the yorker outside off, squeezed away through the covers for one


Siboto to Zondo, no ball, slippery short ball that surprises Zondo and beats him on the pull. Oh dear, he bowled such a good final ball, only to overstep


Siboto to Philander, 1 run, prevents Philander from getting under it by keeping the length right up there. Smashed down to long-off for a single


Siboto to Philander, 2 runs, full and wide outside off, sliced over extra cover


Siboto to Zondo, leg byes, 1 run, wanted to scoop this through short fine leg, but gets it on the pad


Siboto to Zondo, 2 runs, well bowled. Gets this up in the blockhole and goes pretty wide with it to match Zondo’s stance outside off. Zondo squeezes it through midwicket, hurries back for two

Siboto pulls out in delivery stride as he spots Zondo standing quite far outside off


Later in the game, Zondo played the aggressive innings for the team and rocks the ground. In the last session of the match Albie and Zondo played the rocking innings and set the reasonable total of 157 runs.

Albie Morkel 45 off 25 Batting video Highlights

Albie played the skippers innings for the team in the last session of the match. It was the aggressive batting from the left hand all rounder player and save the match in the last session of the match with massive strike rate of 180 runs.

Albie Morkel Six’s Video Highlights


Ferisco Adams to Albie Morkel, SIX, full ball outside off, Morkel – with a steady base – launches it over long-off. Can’t miss your length like that, with so much swinging room to boot


Steyn to Albie Morkel, SIX, makes room, Steyn tries following him but doesn’t cramp Morkel enough to stop him from flaying this over third man’s head. The afternoon isn’t getting any better for Steyn


George Linde to Albie Morkel, SIX, grounds the back knee and muscles this over deep midwicket. It was a length that he could get under, unleashes a brutal slog-sweep


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