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Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators Highlights PSL Final Match 2016

Watch Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators Full Match Highlights 23, February 2016. You can get the complete details of Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators Highlights details on ESPNCricinfo PSL 2016. Here you can get the complete details of PSL Live cricket cores and Highlights details of Pakistan Super League 2016.


Islamabad United won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)

McCullum to Sharjeel Khan, OUT, Sharjeel steps out, N-Mac did well to loop it up and hold this one back. Sharjeel swings and misses. The bowler hits the leg stump. First wicket in the PSL for him. Sharjeel falls short of a century by 87 runs

Anwar Ali to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, soft short ball outside off, sits up to be hit. Sharjeel obliges, he rocks back, and nails a pull over midwicket

Islamabad United 15/0   Sharjeel Khan 6* (2b 1×6)   Anwar Ali 1-0-15-0

Anwar Ali to Smith, SIX, back of a length and just outside off, Smith blasts it over the fielder at deep midwicket

Islamabad United 32/0   DR Smith 25* (13b 4×4 1×6)   Anwar Ali1.4-0-23-0

McCullum to Smith, SIX, fired at over 90ks from round the stumps, slugged over long-on

Islamabad United 53/0   DR Smith 38* (22b 5×4 2×6)   NL McCullum2.2-0-22-0

Zulfiqar Babar to Smith, SIX, flat, fast, and comes in again. Smith neither left the crease nor the pose. Picked up, drop-kicked over midwicket

Islamabad United 62/1   DR Smith 45* (26b 5×4 3×6)   Zulfiqar Babar 0.3-0-7-0

Elliott to Haddin, SIX, slow roller outside off, swiped over midwicket

Islamabad United 79/1   BJ Haddin 12* (8b 1×4 1×6)   GD Elliott0.4-0-11-0

Mohammad Nawaz to Haddin, SIX, too full again, with some room, and Haddin stands tall to loft that straight down the ground for a handsome six!

Islamabad United 102/1   BJ Haddin 27* (19b 2×4 2×6)  Mohammad Nawaz (3) 2.4-0-13-0

Elliott to Haddin, SIX, that’s a slower one at 108.7kph and Haddin has picked it to loft it nicely over long-on and into his team’s dugout

Islamabad United 113/1   BJ Haddin 36* (22b 2×4 3×6)   GD Elliott1.3-0-20-0

Elliott to Smith, SIX, tonked! Smith gets a full ball outside off and he dispatches that to the midwicket boudnary by using the middle of the bat. What a cracking shot!

Islamabad United 120/1   DR Smith 68* (44b 7×4 4×6)   GD Elliott 2-0-27-0

Zulfiqar Babar to Haddin, SIX, another six on the last ball of the over! Haddin gets a short one and pulls it with some power to the midwicket boundary!

Islamabad United 130/1   BJ Haddin 45* (27b 2×4 4×6)   Zulfiqar Babar 2-0-22-0

Zulfiqar Babar to Russell, SIX, it’s too wide and full, Russell gets to free his arms and he does so by swinging them to send the ball flying a long way over the covers. What a way to get off the mark

Islamabad United 146/2   AD Russell 6* (1b 1×6)   Zulfiqar Babar2.5-0-31-1

Zulfiqar Babar to Haddin, SIX, brings the RRR down further – goes down on a knee and sweeps that against the turn over the deep midwicket fielder for a clean six!

Islamabad United 165/3   BJ Haddin 58* (34b 2×4 5×6)   Zulfiqar

Sharjeel Khan b McCullum 12 (11b 1×4 1×6) SR: 109.09

Islamabad United 54/1   DR Smith 39* (23b 5×4 2×6)   NL McCullum2.4-0-24-1

Zulfiqar Babar to Smith, OUT, oh my, Smith has given it away! It was outside off and turning away a lot, Smith didn’t get anywhere close to the pitch of the ball and only slogged to hand a top edge into the off side. Easy catch for KP at backward point

DR Smith c Pietersen b Zulfiqar Babar 73 (51b 7×4 4×6) SR: 143.13

Islamabad United 139/2   BJ Haddin 50* (31b 2×4 4×6)   Zulfiqar Babar 2.3-0-24-1

Aizaz Cheema to Russell, OUT, inside edge onto the stumps, Russell is gone! He made some room and the ball angled, he slogged and the ball crashed into the stumps after an edge

AD Russell b Aizaz Cheema 7 (3b 0x4 1×6) SR: 233.33

Islamabad United 147/3   BJ Haddin 51* (32b 2×4 4×6)   Aizaz Cheema 3.1-0-22-1

Anwar Ali to Khalid Latif, OUT, two runs to go and Khalid Latif top-edges a short ball to short fine leg for an easy catch

Khalid Latif c Zulfiqar Babar b Anwar Ali 16 (7b 3×4 0x6) SR: 228.57

Mohammad Irfan to Bismillah Khan, OUT, Irfan has struck, Bismillah was squared up completely and the finger has gone up but the batsman looks unhappy! Much shorter ball on leg stump and massive swing and bounce, Bismillah closed the face of the bat towards the leg side and it looked like the ball deviated so much that the keeper had to dive in front of first slip to take the catch. Haddin it was

Bismillah Khan c †Haddin b Mohammad Irfan 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Quetta Gladiators 0/1   Ahmed Shehzad 0* (0b)   Mohammad Irfan 0.3-0-0-1

Russell to Pietersen, OUT, and he strikes first ball, the credit should go to the fielder though – Asif Ali! KP looked to heave the ball hard towards the cow corner but he didn’t middle it and Asif ran to his right from deep square leg to just about get his fingers under the dipping ball. Great catch!

KP Pietersen c Asif Ali b Russell 18 (18b 0x4 1×6) SR: 100.00

Quetta Gladiators 33/2   Ahmed Shehzad 15* (10b 2×4)   AD Russell 0.1-0-0-1

Russell to Sangakkara, OUT, Khalid makes no mistake, he takes it at long-on now. Sanga steps out and backs away for a lofted hit. He can only drag this short ball from outside off to long-on. This may have stopped on the batsman as well

KC Sangakkara c Imran Khalid b Russell 55 (32b 7×4 2×6) SR: 171.87

Quetta Gladiators 120/3   Ahmed Shehzad 46* (34b 6×4)   AD Russell 2.3-0-12-2

Badree to Mohammad Nawaz, OUT, take that for a riposte. This was a poor shot, though. This was neither too short nor too wide to cut. Skids off the surface on middle, Nawaz skips back for a cut, does not lay bat on ball. He hears the death rattle

Mohammad Nawaz (3) b Badree 7 (5b 0x4 1×6) SR: 140.00

Quetta Gladiators 135/4   Ahmed Shehzad 54* (36b 8×4)   S Badree 3.4-0-33-1

Mohammad Sami to Ahmed Shehzad, OUT, and the show is over! Length and outside off, Shehzad premeditates as he shuffles across off. He can only lap-scoop it into the hands of short fine leg. Sami’s slower ball gets Shehzad

Ahmed Shehzad c Badree b Mohammad Sami 64 (39b 9×4 1×6) SR: 164.10

Quetta Gladiators 147/5   Sarfraz Ahmed 2* (2b)   Mohammad Sami 2.3-0-25-1

Mohammad Irfan to Sarfraz Ahmed, OUT, angled in on off, this is a slower one. Good change-up ball. Sarfraz goes for a big leg-side hoick. He can only top-edge into the lap of Smith at short third

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